Germany and the United Nations

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Germany's Role in the United Nations

Security and non-proliferation, environment and climate change, sustainable development and human rights – the central challenges of our time – require global solutions, and for many of them, the United Nations is indispensible.

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The United Nations in Germany

The United Nations is not only to be found overlooking the East River or onto Lake Geneva. The UN is also located in Germany-mainly in Bonn, where over 1000 UN staff members are active especially in development and environmental policies.


Europe's Role in the United Nations

With the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon on December 1, 2009, the European Union replaced the European Community. From this date on, the European Union assumed all rights and duties of the European Community, among them its status within the United Nations – whereby it retains all the existing rights and duties of the European Community.

The Structure of the United Nations

193 countries - almost all the states in the world, are members of the United Nations. Read more about the United Nations' composition and its principal organs.

Germany and the United Nations