Chairmanship of the Al Qaeda & Taliban Sanctions Committees

International cooperation on counter-terrorism, especially within the framework of the United Nations, constitutes a core element of Germany’s security policy.

Given its mandate to maintain international peace and security, the UN Security Council established various subsidiary bodies to tackle the threat of international terrorism. The Sanction Committees oversee the implementation of the specific measures adopted by the Security Council.

Germany is fully committed to implementing these measures, including targeted sanctions against individuals in the field of counter-terrorism. At the same time Germany strives to ensure that any such actions go hand in hand with our continued commitment to human rights.

Since the beginning of its Security Council membership in 2011, Germany chaired the so-called “1267 Al-Qaida Taliban Sanctions Committee”. Germany subsequently guided the process of splitting this sanction regime into two separate bodies: pursuant to resolutions 1988 and 1989 (2011) it is now the “Al Qaida Sanctions Committee” and the “Taliban Sanctions Committee” that watch over the implementation of the respective sanction regimes. Germany chairs both Committees.

Chairmanship of the Al Qaeda & Taliban Sanctions Committees

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Al Qaida Sanctions Committee

The Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee is tasked to sustainably impede the terrorist capacities of the Al-Qaida network, including by cutting off their access to financial resources and weapons. Our aim is...

Taliban Sanctions Committee

The Taliban Sanctions Committee is designed to contribute to a sustainable reduction of the capacity to act of Taliban fighters determined to engage in violence.