Al Qaida Sanctions Committee

The Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee is tasked to sustainably impede the terrorist capacities of the Al-Qaida network, including by cutting off their access to financial resources and weapons.

Our aim is to reduce Al-Qaida’s threat to the international community. Germany’s work in the committee therefore focuses on improving the cooperation among the various actors in the field of counter terrorism.

The Al-Qaida Committee maintains a list of individuals and entities associated with Al-Qaida that constitute a threat to international peace and security. All member states of the United Nations are required to levy sanctions against the individuals and entities contained on the list, including by freezing their assets, restricting their cross-border mobility and interdicting the flow of weapons to them.

Germany – especially in its capacity of the Committee’s chair – is intent on regular updating the list and on tracking the implementation of sanctions. At the same time, it places particular emphasis on the procedural transparency and fairness of listing and delisting decisions as well as on ensuring that the fundamental procedural rights of the individuals and entities listed are upheld.

The establishment of the Office of the Ombudsperson pursuant to resolution 1904 (2009), constituted an important milestone:  listed individuals and entities could from then on submit a delisting request through the Ombudsperson and engage in a substantial dialogue on their individual case.


Hanging Bridge in Sarobi District on the road from Kabul to Dschalalabad

Within the framework of the international community, Germany plays an active part in Afghanistan, with the objective of preventing Afghanistan from again being a sanctuary for international terrorists.

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Latest on: Afghanistan ...