Taliban Sanctions Committee

The Taliban Sanctions Committee is tasked to sustainably reduce the Taliban’s threat to peace, security and stability in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Security Council supports efforts for national reconciliation in Afghanistan and intends to constructively accompany the ongoing talks about peace and stability. In this respect, the work in this committee is an important component of Germany’s active peace efforts in Afghanistan.

The Taliban Sanctions Committee, which was newly established in June 2011 with the adoption of Security Council resolution 1988 (2011), now maintains a list of individuals and entities associated with the Taliban and constituting a threat to peace, security and stability in Afghanistan. All Member States of the United Nations are required to levy sanctions against the individuals and entities contained in the list, including freezing their assets, restricting their cross-border mobility and interdicting the flow of weapons to them. As chair of this committee, Germany ensures the regular review and update of the list.

An individual or entity on the list is considered eligible for de-listing only if international criteria for participation in the reconciliation process are met, i.e. they renounce violence, distance themselves from international terrorist organizations and respect the Afghan constitution, including the rights of women and minorities. Petitions for listing and de-listing should be made in coordination with the government of Afghanistan, thus giving the Afghan government a visible role in the Taliban sanctions regime.


Hanging Bridge in Sarobi District on the road from Kabul to Dschalalabad

Within the framework of the international community, Germany plays an active part in Afghanistan, with the objective of preventing Afghanistan from again being a sanctuary for international terrorists.

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