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Germany’s candidacy for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council in 2013-2015

Apr 12, 2012 | GermanyUN

Germany was a founding member of the Human Rights Council and had a seat on this body from 2006 to 2009. The German Government is seeking re-election to the Human Rights Council for the period 2013 - 2015.

Germany's Candidature to the Human Rights Council 2013-15

Apr 11, 2012 | GermanyUN

On Thursday, 12 April, German Foreign Minister Dr Guido Westerwelle was in New York to kick off the German campaign for membership of the Human Rights Council for 2013-2015.

General Assembly: Minister Counsellor Silberberg on "Price Volatility in Food and Related Financial Commodity Markets"

Apr 11, 2012 | GermanyUN

(Statement by Minister Counsellor Silberberg in the Plenary of the General Assembly during the Thematic Debate "Addressing Excessive Price Volatility in Food and Related Financial Commodity Markets") ...

22 March 2012: World Water Day

Mar 21, 2012 | GermanyUN

At the start of the 21st century 900 million people – around one seventh of the world po­pu­lation – lack access to clean pot­able water. Some 2.5 billion are with­out basic sanitation facilities. Wa...

Informal Plenary: Joint statement by Brazil, Germany, India and Japan on Security Council Reform

Mar 13, 2012 | GermanyUN

(Joint statement by Brazil, Germany, Indiaand Japanas delivered by Ambassador Berger at the informal plenary of the intergovernmental negotiation) Thank you Mr. Chairman. I have the honor of makin...