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Foreign Minister Westerwelle and UN Special Representative agree on protection of children in armed conflicts

Mar 17, 2011 | GermanyUN

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle met yesterday (16 March) in Berlin with Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Representative of the UN General Secretary, for an exchange of opinions. The topics discussed...

Speaking points by Ambassador Berger at the ECOSOC BWI Spring Meeting on MDGs

Mar 11, 2011 | GermanyUN

Financing for development still remains a crucial challenge for achieving the MDGs until 2015. It implies that donor countries need to honour their international commitments, including goals such as the spending of 0.7 % of our gross national income for official development assistance until 2015

Human Rights Commissioner meets United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Mar 3, 2011 | GermanyUN

The Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid, Markus Löning, will today meet the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, in Geneva. Their t...

Report of the Government of the Federal Government of Germany on the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (“Women, Peace and Security”) 2010

Mar 1, 2011 | GermanyUN

The adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 ten years ago – on 31 October 2000 – marks a watershed in the approach to security policy issues in the United Nations. Resolution 1325 represented the first internationally legally binding call for the active involvement of women in all phases of conflict resolution and conflict prevention. The Resolution has since been instrumental in shaping foreign and security policy in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the European Union, in NATO, as well as in other international organizations

Statement by Ambassadors Wittig in his capacity as Chairman of the SC Working Group on "Children in Armed Conflict" at Columbia University

Mar 1, 2011 | GermanyUN

I wanted to point out what the UN-Security Council is already doing to protect children in conflict and to fight impunity, and why this has been quite successful so far. Very briefly, the UN-mechanism dealing with children and armed conflict consists of three elements: the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed conflict, the country-based Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism on children and armed conflict, currently active in 13 conflict areas and a Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflicts