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UN Press Release: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls for stepped-up action against attackers of children in armed conflicts

Jun 30, 2011 | GermanyUN & United Nations

“Beyond naming and shaming, we have a further tool we can consider employing to safeguard schools and hospitals in conflict,” said Mr. Ban at a panel discussion organized by Radhika Coomaraswamy, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, and Germany’s Ambassador to the UN, Peter Wittig, ahead of next month’s general debate on the issue in the Security Council.

Statement by Ms Bokova, Director General of UNESCO at the side-event Children in Armed Conflict

Jun 30, 2011 | GermanyUN & UNESCO

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Statement by Mr. Martin Mogwanja, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF at the side event Children and Armed Conflict

Jun 30, 2011 | GermanyUN & UNICEF

Far too often armed conflict restricts children’s access to education and health services, resulting in devastating impacts on their lives and their futures and violating their fundamental right to education and health care.

Side-event Children and Armed Conflict - Statement by Eva Smets, Watchlist

Jun 30, 2011 | GermanyUN & Watchlist

The UN’s Children and Armed Conflict Agenda offers member states a unique opportunity to shape one of the most promising and actionable human rights agendas that derives its strength from a broad consensus among governments that children’s rights must be protected.

Statement by Mrs Béatrice Le Fraper of the Permanent Mission of France on the side-event Children and Armed Conflict

Jun 30, 2011 | GermanyUN and the Permanent Mission of France

First of all, I would like to thank Ambassador Wittig and the German mission for having organized this event, which is for us an excellent way to prepare for the public debate on July 12th on the protection of children in armed conflict in the Security Council and the possible adoption of a resolution. We are at an important moment today: on the one hand, we can draw lessons from what we have done in the past years, it’s not yet a success story but some good progress has been made; and on the other hand, we must increase our effectiveness. Her Royal Highness wondered what we can do, what action we can take. Let me add that this issue of children in armed conflict is another project on which Qatar and France share the same objective. We do that also on a number of other issues.