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Ambassador Berger on occasion of book launchings: "Coping with Global Environmental Change, Disasters and Security"

Mar 23, 2011 | GermanyUN

The three volumes are not only valuable handbooks with a lot of expertise. But they are also remarkable because of two characteristics: First it deals with the whole range of issues covering the current discussion on environmental challenges: climate change, food security, desertification, water management, health, disaster resilience. And it does not stop at elaborating the challenges from a scientific point of view: it develops strategies for the international community to cope with these challenges.  That is what makes this book so extremely valuable.

The Millennium Development Goals Background – Progress – Activities

Mar 22, 2011 | GermanyUN

The Millennium Development Goals Background – Progress – Activities

Statement by Director Contius, Ministry of Environment, on 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Mar 8, 2011 | GermanyUN

When we talk about green economy we are talking about sustainable consumption and production, low carbon economic development, resource efficiency, biodiversity andwater.

Speech by Minister for Environment Röttgen on The Year of Biodiversity

Sep 22, 2010 | Stv

In this International Year of Biodiversity, the loss of species and habitats is continuing at a dramatic pace. Second by second, minute by minute, we are destroying the natural foundations of our lives.