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Statement by Ambassador Berger at the 10th Session of the UNPFII on May 18th 2011

May 18, 2011 | GermanyUN

Respecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples is a matter the German government takes very seriously and one that we address in our bilateral discussions with countries having indigenous populations.

Appointment of Bernward Geier as German NGO Coordinator of 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference

Apr 20, 2011 | GermanyUN

Bernward Geier was unanimously selected to serve as Coordinator of the German NGO Focal Group. Mr. Geier’s nomination was put forward by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), the organic world umbrella organization based in Bonn, where he had previously served as director for 18 years.

Statement by Minister Head of Economic Department Silberberg at the 44th Session of the CPD on Population and Education

Apr 14, 2011 | GermanyUN

Germany is committed to promote population and education issues and thereby improving people’s living conditions in its partner countries. The German Government has taken a number of initiatives to promote education in the field of sexual and reproductive health. These initiatives, building up on the German development cooperation in the priority areas of health and education, contribute to the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General.

Welcome Address by Ambassador Berger at Side Event “Family Planning – Key to Saving Lives” (44th Session, CPD)

Apr 11, 2011 | GermanyUN

The promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights is one of the key pillars of German development cooperation in the health sector. At last years G8-summit, the German Government pledged additional Mio. 400 € over 5 years for the Muskoka-Initiative to promote mother’s and children’s health.

Statement by Ambassador Wittig on Haiti in the Security Council’s Open Debate

Apr 6, 2011 | GermanyUN

With Haiti currently in the final phase of the electoral process, this debate is very timely. At this critical moment, it is an important signal that the Council reiterates its clear message of support and solidarity with the people of Haiti.   Mr President, with your presence today you underscore the great importance your country, jointly with many other countries, in particular from Latin America and the Carribean, attaches to helping the people of Haiti to recover from the horrific earthquake, followed by devastating hurricanes and an outbreak of cholera.