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Statement by Parliamentary State Secretary Kopp of the Ministry of Economic Development at the 2011 ECOSOC High-Level Segment in Geneva

Oct 8, 2011 | GermanyUN

Honorable Chair, Gentlemen and Ladies, • We expressly welcome the initiative of the UN Economic and Social Council to make the topic “Education and Development” the topical focus of this year’s High...

Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict - Conclusions on children and armed conflict in Iraq

Oct 7, 2011 | GermanyUN

1.        At its 31st meeting, on 22 June 2011, the Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict examined the first report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in Iraq (S/2011/366),...

Statement by the Parliamentary State Secretary, Ms. Widmann-Mauz on NCDs in the General Assembly

Sep 21, 2011 | GermanyUN

Non-communicable diseases ("NCDs") are among the leading causes of both death and disability worldwide. Unless we take bold action within the next decade, NCDs will become the most common cause of death in even the poorest countries of the world.

Parliamentary State Secretary Widmann-Mauz on NCDs

Sep 20, 2011 | GermanyUN

“Annually, over 36 million people all around the world die from non-communicable diseases. Many of theses diseases can be avoided by inexpensive prevention measures.“

Statement by Ambassador Wittig on the Situation in Haiti in the Security Council

Sep 16, 2011 | GermanyUN

One and a half years after the devastating earthquake, the people of Haiti are still facing daunting challenges. There has been progress, but we remain concerned about the continued plight of the Haitian population.