Germany supports the Peacebuilding Fund: additional voluntary contribution of five million US Dollars

Sep 28, 2010

The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany decided to provide in 2010 a voluntary contribution of five million US Dollars to the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) of the United Nations. The additional funds provide for early peacebuilding activities, especially in the five countries currently on the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission: Guinea Bissau, Central African Republic, Burundi, Sierra Leone and Liberia.


In a letter to Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Assistant Secretary-General for the Peacebuilding Support Office, Germany’s Ambassador to the UN and Chairman of the Peacebuilding Commission, Mr. Peter Wittig, wrote: “This new contribution underlines once again Germany’s strong commitment to the United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture and its vital role in building peace and stability worldwide.”


Background: The UN Peacebuilding Fund is now entering its fifth year of operation. With today’s pledge for 2010, Germany`s overall contribution to the PBF will amount to 19 million US Dollars. To date, the Fund has supported 142 projects in 16 countries, working with 15 recipient organizations. The role of the PBF is to establish a crucial bridge between conflict and recovery at a time when other funding mechanisms may not yet be availible. In helping to address the most immediate of the multiple challenges facing countries emerging from conflict or at risk of lapsing into conflict, the PBF seeks to minimize the risk of a (re)lapse into conflict.

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