Foreign Minister Westerwelle on Libya

Mar 13, 2011

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement concerning the situation in Libya and the resolution adopted by the Arab League (Berlin, 13 March):

"I welcome the clear stand of the Arab League on the crimes of the Gaddafi regime.

We will continue to closely coordinate our next steps with the Arab League and our partners both in Europe and the United Nations. The
Security Council should reconvene as soon as possible in order to discuss the situation in Libya.

As far as discussions about a no-fly zone are concerned, many outstanding questions remain. The Arab League called on the Security
Council to take the necessary measures to impose a no-fly zone; at the same time the Arab League has rejected all forms of foreign intervention in Libya.

How to implement a no-fly zone – itself being an outside military intervention – without violating the territorial integrity and
sovereignty of Libya, as sought by the Arab League, remains an open question. As is the issue of how the Arab League wants to take part in the imposition of such a zone.

We expect the upcoming talks of Ms. Ashton in Kairo and the consultations in New York to bring more clarity to these questions.

Our position and our caution concerning a no-fly zone remain unchanged. The implementation of a no-fly zone is a military action. We don't want to get involved in a civil war in North Africa. Every international military action needs to be authorized by the UN Security Council; a no-fly zone can only be implemented with the active participation of the states of the region."

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