Remarks by Ambassador Wittig to the UN Press Corps on Libya

Mar 14, 2011

Remarks to the UN press corps by Ambassador Wittig ahead of today's Security Council consultations on Libya:


Q. [inaudible]

W. The context is that we have now decisions of some important regional organizations - the African Union, the Arab League and the European Union. We will discuss their decisions here. We believe that first of all, it is welcome that the comdemnation of the crimes of the Ghadafi regime was so clear and unequivocal: that we need to keep up the pressure on the Ghadafi regime. We think it's also time to increase the pressure track and sanctions.

On the the no-fly zone [inaudible]my government remains cautious. We have said so far that we need a clear mandate of Security Council resolution and we would need an active participation of Arab countries implementing such a zone.So we are at the beginning of the discussison but as of today many questions remain.


Q: Is Germany concerned that Ghadafi's forces push back other forces?

W: Of course we are concerned. It's a very disconcerting development.


Q: Is the pressure on the no-fly zone greater on you guys than on him [inaudible]?

W: I think one important criteria [inaudible] to discuss those measures: Is there a need? Will they be fulfilling their purpose - that's what we have to discuss."

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