Statement by Ambassador Berger on the briefing by USG Nambiar on the UN-Budget 2012-13

Mar 17, 2011

(as delivered) 

Thank you, Mr. Chairman


Let me start out by stating  that Germany fully supports the statement made by Hungaryon behalf of the European Union.


I would like to underscore the main points.

There is no doubt that it is the General Assembly who issues the mandates for the United Nations Secretariat.

There is also no doubt that it is the duty and prerogative of the Secretary General to present a budget with which to fulfill these mandates in the most effective and efficient way.


Therefore I would like to thank Under Secretary General Nambiar, Chef de Cabinet of the Secretary General, for his briefing.

And I would like to express high recognition for the Secretary General that he has drawn realistic conclusions from the present economic and financial situation worldwide
and that he has taken the bold – and certainly uncomfortable - decision to present a budget for 2012/2013 that is to reflect the limitations of the financial room for manoever that we all experience at national levels.


As always, Germany remains a staunch supporter – with the European Union – of effective multilateralism and of the work of the United Nations in particular.

The Organization should and will be provided with the necessary resources to implement its mandates.

And it has to be recognized as a proof of strenghth and vitality that this organization is up to the task of shaping its budget in a way that is adequate to the situation.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman. 

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