Situation in Syria escalates – joint demarche by ambassadors of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Apr 15, 2011

The British, French, German, Italian and Spanish ambassadors in Damascus yesterday

(14 April) met Syrian Foreign Minister Muallim to discuss the escalating

situation in the country.


The ambassadors voiced their Governments’ grave concern over the rising number

of victims and the continuing widespread violence.


They once again condemned the assaults by the security forces on peaceful

protesters and called for restraint.


They made clear that violence from whatever quarter was to be rejected. On

behalf of their Governments, the ambassadors again called on the Syrian

Government to respond to the legitimate demands of the Syrian people and

introduce credible political reforms. That was the only way for Syria to achieve

long-term stability, they pointed out. They also called on the Syrian Government

to release immediately all political prisoners and human rights defenders.

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