Remarks to the press by Ambassador Wittig ahead of the UN Security Council meeting on Yemen

Apr 19, 2011

(as delivered)

We follow the situation in Yemen with great concern.
We welcome the opportunity to hear a briefing on Yemen today in the
Council and we suppose we will have a discussion on it.
It is a good sign that the Council is following the situation in Yemen: it
sends out a good signal. And I think it also supports the efforts of the
Gulf Corporation Council that it is undertaking these days to alleviate the
tensions and to find a political solution for the Yemeni crisis.

Q: What kind of actions the Council might take?
A: Now we will just be hearing a briefing.
Q: On what basis is the Council meeting on Yemen?
A. There was a mission [by the Secretariat] that the Council likes to be informed about.

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