Remarks to the press by Ambassador Wittig after UN Security Council meeting on UNAMID

Apr 20, 2011

(as delivered)

Q.: On Yemen, how is it looking?

W.: Let me once again emphasize that it was very important that the Council dealt with the situation in Yemen. That in itself sent out a strong signal. The people of Yemen and the neighbours should know that there is concern in the Council about the developments and that the Council expects progress in the political process. That is the gist of what was discussed yesterday.

Q.: Will there be a press statement?

W.: This is a procedural matter much more than anything else. This is not a substantial thing, it is a procedural thing, we won't have this product.

Q.: [inaudible]

W.: It is a procedural thing about procedures in the Council. In substance there is agreement that the situation merits our attention.

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