Statement by Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the adoption of the Resolution on Children in Armed Conflict in the Security Council

Jul 12, 2011

(near verbatim statement)

"Ladies and gentlemen, we just adopted Resolution 1998 for a better protection of children in armed conflicts. Let me thank my colleagues and other distinguished participants for their attendance and for their continued support throughout the German presidency.

Today's resolution marks another important step on our long way towards ending violence against children. Among other things, it bans “attacks on schools and hospitals” and lists those who perpetrate terrible acts like this, on a “list of shame”. 

Many interventions in today's session underlined the importance of the protection of children. There is a wide consensus in the international community to protect children. Because children are very often the first victims of violence and conflict. We must do what we can to protect them. 

Today's resolution sends a strong message to all those who disrespect the basic rights of children. This message is: Stop these violations! The protection of children in armed conflict is central to our Security-Council membership. 

We are happy that we were able to take this issue forward today."

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