Press release: Germany welcomes delisting of members of the Afghan High Peace Council

Jul 15, 2011

Today the Security Council Committee established and pursuant to resolution 1988 (2011) – the “Afghanistan Taliban sanctions committee” – concluded its considerations of the Afghan government’s requests to de-list several individuals from the sanctions list. The Committee finally agreed to de-list 14 Afghan Taliban. Among the de-listed individuals are four members of the High Peace Council in Afghanistan: Mr. Arsalan Rahmani Daulat, Mr. Habibullah Fawzi, Mr. Sayeedur Rahman Haqani and Mr. Faqir Mohammad.

Ambassador Wittig welcomed today’s decision of the Committee: “Today’s decision sends a strong signal: the Security Council and the international community support the efforts of the Afghan government to engage reconciled Taliban in a political dialog in order to achieve peace and security in Afghanistan.”

With regard to the delisting of the formerly listed members of the Afghan High Peace Council Ambassador Wittig underlined: ”The international community recognizes efforts made by  members of the High Peace Council to work towards peace, stability and reconciliation. All Afghans are encouraged to join these efforts. The message is clear: engaging for peace pays off.”

The Afghanistan Taliban Committee focuses on Taliban and others posing a threat to peace and Security in Afghanistan. It was established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1988 (2011) adopted 17 June 2011 (following resolution 1267 (1999)). Before today’s decision 137 individuals were included in the Committee’s sanctions list. The chapter VII sanctions include asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. The Afghan government had requested the delisting with regards to ongoing efforts to intensify political dialogue for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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