Germany quintuples bilateral aid for Horn of Africa to 218 million USD

Aug 16, 2011

On a visit to Kenya, the German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Dirk Niebel, announced to nearly quintuple bilateral German aid for the famine-struck Horn of Africa from 33.5 million Euro to 151.5 million Euro (approx. 218 million USD). This increased commitment adds to private donations by the German population and corporate sector which have reached 91 million Euro (approx. 130 million USD), according to the German Central Institute for Social Issues. On top of this, Germany is a significant contributor to EU and World Bank funding.

The largest part of the newly committed aid shall be provided to the World Food Programme (WFP) which aims at feeding over 11.5 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti during the current crisis. In addition, Germany intends to provide funds for preventive medium to longer term development projects in sectors such as rural development, agriculture and health. In this context Minister Niebel announced a 20 million Euro (approx. 29 million USD) contribution to the “Regional Fund for Drought-Resilience at the Horn of Africa”.

In light of the difficulties for aid organizations to access the affected areas in Somalia, Minister Niebel called upon all actors to grant access to the suffering population and to stop threatening the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers.

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