Adoption of resolution “Towards Global Partnerships” – Ambassador Wittig: “Private sector essential for the United Nations”

Nov 30, 2011

Today in the 2nd Committee of the General Assembly, the Member States of the United Nations unanimously adopted the resolution “Towards Global Partnerships”. The resolution was drafted by Germany and jointly submitted by the Member States of the European Union and many other sponsoring countries. The resolution confirms the UN Global Compact’s mandate to advance United Nations values and responsible business practices within the United Nations system and among the global business community and gives guidance to the United Nations-system for their partnerships with the private sector.

On today’s adoption, Ambassador Wittig issues the following statement

“Enterprises are important players in the global economic governance and Public Private Partnerships have become a vital factor. Therefore a well designed cooperation with the private sector is not only beneficial: private sector partnerships are essential for the United Nations to achieve their goals. Through today’s resolution we will strategically use partnerships with the private sector for the achievement of the goals of the United Nations. This is a further step towards the reform of the global governance architecture.”


The Global Compact is a United Nations voluntary corporate responsibility initiative to promote the core values of the UN. It invites businesses to align themselves with ten universally accepted principles in the field of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It also intends to catalyze actions in support of the broader goals of the UN, including the Millennium Development Goals.

As of December 2011, more than 8,000 institutions from over 130 countries participate in the Global Compact, including more than 200 from Germany. It is thus the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world. The German Government (as one of 13 donor countries) as well as German enterprises and associations are actively involved in the activities of the Global Compact in many ways since its beginning (see factsheet). The German Global Compact Network is one of the most active and dynamic networks.

German enterprises are also a vibrant part of the United Nations-system’s partnership network. The resolution puts a special focus on the improvement of the knowledge sharing and cooperation process among United Nations agencies, funds and programmes. It asks for the effective implementation of the revised guidelines for partnerships and enumerates important principles that should be observed. With reference to the recommendations of the report of the Secretary General, the importance of public disclosure measures as advocated by the UN Global Compact as well as the adoption of evaluation and impact assessment instruments was underlined.  

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