Mali: Foreign Minister Westerwelle welcomes political roadmap

Jan 29, 2013

Mali’s government adopted a road map for a return to constitutional order this past Friday. Commenting on this, Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement  on January 28th, 2013 in Berlin:

 “I welcome the fact that Mali’s government adopted a political road map for a return to constitutional order this past Friday. I expect the parliament to pass this political road map, which is necessary and important, quickly.

In the long term, a political solution is the only option. African countries and Mali’s government agree on this point, as do we Germans and our French friends. With the road map, we have a good basis for aid from the international community. The necessary military operations, which are increasingly led by Africans themselves, must now be coordinated with the political efforts.

On this we agree with Mali, with our African partners and especially with France. Germany and the European Union will make a significant contribution to the funding of the African support mission. Together with our partners, we will make commitments at tomorrow’s donors’ conference in Addis Ababa and take the appropriate action.”

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