Press Release: Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier regrets that UN- Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is resigning

May 14, 2014

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement today (14 May) on the resignation of the UN‑Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi: 

We are sorry to see Lakhdar Brahimi resign. I greatly respect his commitment to finding a peaceful solution to the situation in Syria.

Lakhdar Brahimi led the Geneva process with great patience and diplomacy. In the end he was unable to succeed because the regime in Damascus did not enter into the peace negotiations in earnest. President Assad’s negotiators were driven not by the wellbeing of Syria and its people, but rather by the desire to hold on to power.

At this point, we must not lose sight of the prospect of a political process. A political solution is the only way to bring peace to Syria and we will continue to strive to achieve this.

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