Ambassador Wittig in the Security Council Open Debate on Resolution 1325 - Women and Peace and Security

Oct 26, 2010

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Mr. President, 

Germany aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union. 

Germany, as a member of the “Group of Friends of Security Council Resolution 1325”, has always attached great importance to the issue of “Women, Peace and Security”. 

We would therefore like to commend the Secretary General for his very comprehensive and substantial report, especially his clear and action-oriented recommendations on the implementation of the resolution.

We fully share his analysis on the still existing gaps and the necessity to introduce indicators and an adequate monitoring mechanism. This will enable us not only to measure progress but also to ensure that all aspects of resolution 1325 are adequately addressed.

Mr. President,

Protection of women and their participation in all parts of society are two sides of the same medal. Resolution 1325 clearly stipulates that women must be seen as active players whose contributions in all aspects of peace-building and peace-keeping processes are absolutely essential for the (re-) construction of societies and in achieving sustainable peace and development. 

Empowering of women is important in security sector reform as well as in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration processes. Germany therefore also welcomes the action plan contained in the Secretary General's report on resolution 1889, including the call for increased financing for gender equality and women’s empowerment in countries emerging from conflict.

Mr President, 

 It is time to move towards more concrete action. What can member states and the United Nations as a whole do? Starting with my own country: 

The German Government will shortly present it’s third implementation report on resolution 1325 to Parliament. While striving for the full and timely implementation of the entire resolution, and looking ahead, priority will be given to: 

 1. Increased participation of women in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms, particularly in higher positions, 

 2. Financial and technical support to UN gender awareness-raising campaigns,

3. A gender perspective during and after the negotiation of peace agreements, 

 4. The special needs of women combatants in demobilisation and reintegration processes.

To achieve progress in these areas, Germany will set up a list of national and international priority initiatives. We will also continue to support international organizations and NGOs in promoting womens empowerment.

We are of the opinion that partnerships between member states and between member states and the United Nations are crucial. To give but one example: The “UN Police Standardized Training Curriculum on Investigating and Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Violence”, organized by DPKO and funded by my country. In several seminars women police officers from all parts of the world can come together, share their experiences and work out a concept on how to better prevent abhorrent crimes of this nature from happening in the future.

 Besides action being undertaken by member states, the United Nations as a whole has an important role to play in the implementation of resolution 1325.

As in other areas, “Delivering as one” should form the leitmotiv for UN action. All relevant UN entities should work together closely in order to guarantee that the available resources are effectively channelled and measured against the indicators proposed in the General Secretary’s report. The setting up of an efficient monitoring system that measures progress achieved for women on the ground is also essential. In this context, Germany welcomes the creation of the new gender unit “UN Women” which should play a leading role in this regard.

The new USG, Ms Bachelet, whom I warmly congratulate, has our fullest support for the challenging task laying ahead of her.

Mr. President, 

I am confident that with the realization of all the commitments made today we can - and we hopefully will - achieve real progress in meeting the challenges ahead of us.

Thank you


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