Statement by Ambassador Berger in the Security Council on the AU/UN-cooperation

Jun 21, 2011

Mr. President,


I thank SRSG Muburi-Muita for his comprehensive briefing.


Strengthening the partnership between the United Nations and the African Union for the maintenance of peace and security in Africa is in our mutual interest.


Much has been achieved, including through consultations between the Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council on issues of mutual concern.


The establishment of the United Nations Office to the African Union is another concrete step in strengthening the capacity of the African Union and enhancing the institutional cooperation between both organizations. We welcome the update provided by SRSG Muburi-Muita and look forward to the Office becoming fully operational soon.


Mr. President,


the strong partnership between the UN and the AU for peace and security on the African continent manifests itself in various forms:


In the field of peacekeeping, most visibly in the form of the Hybrid Operation in Darfur, UNAMID. UN support is also provided to the UN-mandated AU Mission AMISOM in Somalia.


The joint AU/UN Mediator for Darfur, and the close cooperation between the UN Mission in Sudan and the AU High-Level Panel under the Chairmanship of Pres. Mbeki also show the relevance of close cooperation in the mediation of conflicts.


Other issues relevant to peace and security in Africabecome increasingly pertinant for inter-organizational cooperation, such as transnational organized crime, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and climate change.


All these examples underline the importance of capacity building for the AU and regional organizations, to enhance their ability to manage conflict and counter security threats, including through the maintenance of constitutional order, the promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.


Mr. President,


Let me conclude by stressing that effective UN – AU cooperation in Peace and Security greatly benefits also from the efforts made by other actors, such as the European Union and individual member states, in further strengthening the African Peace and Security Architecture.


The European Union, within the Joint Africa-EU Partnership for Peace and Security and through its African Peace Facility provides substantial financial and logistical support as well as capacity building to the African Union on the continental, regional as well as mission levels.


These efforts are complemented by bilateral support. Germany, for instance, is currently constructing the Peace and SecurityBuildingfor the AU Commission in Addis Abeba. We also finance the German-African Border Project as part of our joint conflict prevention efforts; and we support the training and equipment of African police officers for the AU Standby Force and for deployment to UN Peacekeeping operations. 


As mentioned also by SRSG Muburi-Muita, enhancing coordination and expanding synergy between the various efforts of the UN, EU and bilateral donors is important in order to maximize their impact and avoid duplication.


Germanyremains committed to strengthening the African Peace and Security Architecture.


Thank you.



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