Statement by Ambassador Wittig on Sudan in the Security Council

Feb 9, 2011

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Madam President,

I will be brief. Most of the things I wanted to say have been said before. So I will focus on very few points.

Germany also welcomes the peaceful voting during the referendum and joins others in congratulating the parties to the CPA and the people everywhere in Sudan. We are encouraged by the responsible behavior of the government in Khartum over recent weeks. Again we extend our gratitude to the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission and its Bureau. We commend the United Nations Mission to Sudan and Special Representative Menkerios for their crucial contribution as well as the panel under President Mkapa.

After the pronouncement of the official results, all parties in the Sudan and the international community now need to focus on the future: The consolidation of peace, good relations and coexistence between the North and the South and capacity building for a wholly new state. In this enormous endeavor, all parties need to continue to co-operate in good faith.

The forthcoming creation of an independent state in south Sudan will redraft the political and economic landscape of Africa. At the same time, we see the opportunity for the development of peaceful neighborly relations. Many serious challenges remain. Especially the durable solution of the question of Abyei is needed. We urgently call upon the CPA parties to complete the popular consultations in South Kordofan and Blue Nile and to reach an agreement on Abyei. But also the other remaining post-referendum-issues such as citizenship, the rights of Northerners in the South and of Southerners in the North, wealth sharing, border demarcation, and security arrangements must be addressed without further delay.

The Council's decisions have been crucial for the peaceful referendum process. But the Security Council will have to continue to assume this responsibility and extend its support to institution building in the soon independent new state in South Sudan. Germany stands ready to contribute.

Finally, we must not divert our attention from the situation in Darfur. We are very concerned about the continuing violence in this region and the displacement of thousands of people. We urge the Government of Sudan and all groups in Darfur to provide for the safety and security of the civilian population and to ensure unhindered access for UNAMID and humanitarian aid.

We are encouraged to hear that the peace talks in Doha are about to gain new momentum. We continue to urge all parties to the peace talks to conclude a comprehensive ceasefire and agreements on all other outstanding issues. The people of Darfur deserve peace and they deserve it right now.

Thank you, Madam President.

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