Minister of State Hoyer calls for end to political stalemate in Yemen

May 12, 2011

The current protests in Yemen against the government of President Saleh threaten to escalate into a new wave of violence. Yesterday alone, according to multiple sources, security forces shot as many as ten demonstrators dead during violent clashes in the capital city, Sana’a.

At the same time, the mediation offer submitted by the Gulf Cooperation Council has yet to be signed by President Saleh and the opposition.

Minister of State Werner Hoyer issued the following statement today (12 May):

“I am gravely concerned at the further escalation of the situation in Yemen. Repression is the answer neither to the political stalemate nor to the country’s deep-rooted problems. The responsible parties must be held accountable. All sides are called on to exercise the greatest possible restraint. The future can only be determined through peaceful dialogue within society and through bold reforms.

President Saleh is called upon to immediately begin working on an orderly political transition process in keeping with the Gulf Cooperation Council’s proposal. I welcome the unequivocal support which the European Union has given to this proposal.”

The Gulf Cooperation Council plan proposes that President Saleh step down within 30 days and that a new national unity government be formed for the transitional period. Additionally, during the transition period new presidential elections are to take place and a new constitution is to be drafted.

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