Statement by Ambassador Wittig in the Security Council Debate on the 1267, 1373 & 1540 Committees

May 16, 2011

(as delivered)

Mr President,

Germany aligns itself with the EU Statement to be delivered later.

Mr President, as regards the 1540 Committee, Germany remains committed to the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

Germany supported the new resolution as a co-sponsor because we are convinced that resolution 1977 contributes significantly to non-proliferation efforts of weapons of mass destruction to non-state actors. 1540 is an important non-proliferation tool. Furthermore, importantly, in the new resolution the Council also stresses the importance of fulfilling commitments related to arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation of all weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. This is in line with our firmly-held conviction that disarmament and non-proliferation are two sides of the same coin.

Germany is convinced that the creation of a group of experts will prove to be helpful to guarantee better coordination and proper implementation, thus further deepening the cooperation between the experts and the Committee. In addition, Germany welcomes the clear focus on assistance being channeled through the Committee as a top priority for the future work of the Committee.

Germany will remain committed to the „1540“-work. Germany is ready to support the Committee by facilitating the Working Group on Monitoring and Implementation. This Working Group is of particular importance to us as we believe that full and effective implementation of the obligations contained in the pertinent four Council resolutions is key to achieving our common goal of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to non-state actors.

Germany will do its utmost to deliver a National Implementation Action Plan as encouraged by resolutions 1810 and 1977. We hope to contribute to setting positive examples by moving forward in this regard.

We are currently considering to organize a meeting related to 1540 in Germany next year in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. This conference would aim at outreaching to international, regional and sub-regional industry associations and groups. We believe that they can play an important role in complementing and supporting the work of States in implementing 1540 obligations. It goes without saying that we will seek close cooperation with the 1540 Committee in this regard.

Mr President, regarding the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC), we remain convinced that all measures to combat terrorism must be carried out in full compliance with international human rights norms and standards. This is indispensable in order to ensure efficiency as well as credibility of counter-terrorism measures.

Mr President, with view to the 1267 regime, I would like to add that Germany aligns herself to the statement to be delivered by Costa Rica on behalf of the group of like-minded states later during the debate.

Since its establishment, the office of the Ombudsperson has made valuable contributions to fair and clear procedures.. Germany welcomes these efforts and commends the Ombudsperson for her work.

Germany is eager to continue to support the office of the Ombudsperson in a constructive manner with a view to both strengthening the aspect of fair and clear procedures in the regime, and to ensure that the Consolidated List remains a „living document“ adequately reflecting the present terrorist threat.

 Before concluding, Mr President, let me stress three areas where Germany preceives the greatest need for improvements:

First, in order to provide for an appropriate review mechanism, precise criteria for de-listing should be conceived complementing the ones applied for listing.

Secondly, the preventive character of the sanctions should be enhanced by introducing  a limitation of the duration of listings. Any extension of a listing should be based on solid information, as we normally require for new listings.

Finally, adverse effects caused by fragmentary or ambiguous listings must be avoided. Therefore, special attention should be given to the submission of precise and sufficient identifiers along with any application for listing.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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