Statement by Ambassador Wittig on Sudan in the Security Council

Jun 20, 2011

(as delivered)

Mr. President,


I would like to thank  President Mbeki, as well as SRSG Menkerios for their comprehensive briefings. I am also grateful for the statements made by the representatives of Sudan and South Sudan in which they reiterated their committments for a peaceful resolution of all outstanding CPA-related issues.


Mr. President,


Today we received encouraging news. We welcome the agreement on temporary arrangements  achieved in Addis on Abyei. We thank Presidents Meles, Mbeki and the AU Panel as well as SRSG Menkerios for their relentless efforts to help the parties agree on the issue of Abyei as well as on solutions to the remaining CPA issues. Germany will continue to support these efforts. The agreement on Abyei opens the way to adress the pressing humanitarian issues.

Now the focus is on implementation. This is the real litmus test. Of course, we will have to come back to the content and the implications of this agreement in the Council, especially regarding the Interim Security Force.



Mr. President,

The other urgent matter is of course the situation in South Kordofan.

The military escalation in Southern Kordofan is deeply troubling. We have just heard the latest reports of aerial attacks, tens of thousands of displaced people, burnt homes, looted UN facilities and lack of access for humanitarian aid.


We strongly condemn the continuous fighting by the Sudanese armed forces and the SPLA, especially aerial bombardments and artillery shelling, and all attacks on the civilian population. The obstruction and intimidation of UN personnel are unacceptable and must stop. In the same vein, humanitarian access must be granted.


We strongly urge the parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities and to refrain from further violence. Further military action will have severe consequences for the whole political and social environment in Sudan.


We condemn the detention and abuse last Friday by the Sudanese Armed Forces in Kadugli of four unarmed peacekeepers who were on patrol to assess the situation in town. This is not acceptable.


We encourage UNMIS in its efforts to protect civilians affected by the hostilities. This requires a credible force posture. We reiterate our strong support for the Mission under the leadership of SRSG Menkerios.



Mr. President,


remaining CPA issues must be resolved in a peaceful and negotiated manner, and in the spirit of the CPA. This includes not only a lomg-term, definite agreement on the status of the Abyei region. It also includes an agreement on Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile.


This is also the message that the German Foreign Minister will convey to both parties during his visit to the Sudan envisaged to begin on the 22nd of June and which will bring him to Khartoum, Juba and Darfur.


Mr. President,


The Security Council has a unique responsibility for the maintenance of peace and security in Sudan. We must continue to support those interested in peace and good neighbourly relations and we must stand united against spoilers of peace. We cannot accept that a return to violence becomes an option and that the parties use proxies in order to destabilize each other.


We must continue to follow the situation closely and to consider the situation whenever developments on the ground so require.



I thank you Mr. President.


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