Statement by Axel Zeidler, Head of the German Delegation to the Preparatory Committee on the Arms Trade Treaty

Jul 13, 2011

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Preparatory Committee for the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty on general aspects of the implementation and transparency provisions of an Arms Trade Treaty
11 July 2011

Mr. Chairman,

1. At the outset I would like to associate myself with colleagues in thanking you for your able guidance of our deliberations so far and for once again submitting to this committee a rich paper on some of the most important elements of an Arms Trade Treaty.

2. I am convinced that it will once again give rise to an intensive debate. Let me underline that many elements included in the paper on implementation and final provisions respectively are very much in line with how we could envisage elements of an Arms Trade Treaty to look like.

Mr. Chairman,

3. We fully share the views expressed by the EU delegation, and we agree with the focused approach spelled out by the US delegation.

4. Therefore I would like to add at this stage only a few remarks. My delegation attaches great importance to the inclusion of appropriate and implementable provisions regarding transparency and essential reporting requirements on both, implementation and application. Regarding the role of a possible implementation support unit, we would like to underline,
as many other delegations have done, that such a structure cannot be anything but a minimal, focused and efficient administrator for essential tasks to be performed in relation to the basic functioning of an ATT.

5. Whilst not entering into a detailed discussion of individual provisions at this stage, I would nevertheless like to comment already now on the idea of establishing an individual denial reporting and consultation mechanism. Currently we cannot imagine how such a mechanism could be established and work properly at international level. A comprehensive denial exchange in effect would go far beyond the objectives of an ATT as we think the committee is aiming at; i.e. a legally binding international framework for arms transfers with globally agreed parameters and scope for responsible transfer control decisions on a national level and under national responsibility.

I thank you Mr. Chairman.

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