Remarks by Ambassador Wittig to the press following Security Council meeting on IAEA/Syria

Jul 14, 2011

(near vebatim transcript)

We heard a briefing today by the IAEA and we had an open discussion afterwards. We remain concerned about the findings of the report. You know that the board of governors of the IAEA referred this issue to the Council.

Now this was the first time that this Syrian nuclear issue was discussed in the Security Council. We considered this as an important first step that needs to be followed-up if need be. Once again we had a good discussion and we had a very very useful briefing, very professional one by the IAEA.

Q: How are you going to follow-up? Who is bringing this forward? Could you kindly explain the division amongst members of the Council?

A: The IAEA will be reporting regularly on the Syrian nuclear issues. We will have another report in September and then we take it from there.

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