Remarks to the press by Ambassador Berger on Syria

Aug 1, 2011

(near verbatim)

Germany has asked for this urgent meeting of the Security Council together with the European colleagues.
We all have been witness of the news on Syria - these appaling attacks against the civilian population using tanks and armoured vehicles, and we really see the need of the Security Council to act.

We have a draft resolution that has been put forward by the European members of the Security Council. We have put that forward at the end of May; and now, given the new quality in repression, the new round of repression that we have been witness of over the last days, we hope that those members of the Security Council who have been reluctant to support the resolution will rethink their position, and we really hope to engage with them in discussions today on this draft. Thank you.

[question, inaudible]

It’s mainly the same draft. We have obviously updated it, because it’s now more than two months old, but in essence it’s the same draft, and we really would like to make a progress on this draft. Thank you.

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