Remarks to the press by Ambassador Berger on Syria

Aug 3, 2011

(near verbatim)

I would also like to say from our part that we also welcome very much that the Council has sent today a strong and united message to the Syrian leadership and the Syrian people.

The international community condemns the use of force against the civilian population by the Syrian government. The government has to stop the violence and to cease the siege of Syrian cities.

When we, Germany and other European members asked for this emergency meeting of the Security Council, we wanted to have this clear response of the Council that we have achieved today.

It comes two months after we had introduced our draft resolution, our European draft resolution, to the Council. It comes many hundreds of deaths later than we would have wanted to have this clear signal, but at least I think it is a good step forward that we have achieved it today.

And the presidential statement – as others have said – is a united signal by the Council. And you all have followed the discussions we had over the last weeks and months and so I think erverybody can judge how important it is that now after the latest escalation of violence over the last days we finally have a common voice and a common approach in the Council.

We should not forget now about the political dimension of this message: The Council reiterates the urgency for a political solution to the crisis. That means that Syrian-led and serious reform – we have mentioned in the draft statement, that the reforms undertaken so far are not what the Syrian people expect: they are not given the freedom of expression and the democratic rights people are asking for – and so we can only hope that the Syrian government understands this message very clearly and acts on it. Thank you very much.


Die Annahme, die einstimmige Annahme der Erklärung des Sicherheitsrates ist ein großer Erfolg für die Politik der Bundesregierung. Wir haben uns mit den europäischen Mitgliedern des Sicherheitsrates seit über zwei Monaten dafür eingesetzt, ein klares Signal an Syrien zu senden. Es ist heute gelungen, einstimmig alle 15 Mitglieder des Sicherheitsrates hinter dieser Präsidentiellen Erklärung zu vereinigen, die eine klare Aufforderung an die syrische Regierung enthält, die Gewalt gegen Demonstranten einzustellen.

Diese Erklärung verurteilt das Vorgehen der syrischen Sicherheitskräfte, fordert ernsthafte Reformen, fordert humanitären Zugang und die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte. Der Sicherheitsrat wird sich in sieben Tag wieder mit der Situation in Syrien befassen und wir hoffen, dass die syrische Regierung dieses Signal des Sicherheitsrates klar verstanden hat.

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