Remarks to the press by Ambassador Wittig on Security Council draft resolution on Syria

Oct 4, 2011

(near verbatim)

"From my point of view for months now the Syrians have demanded nothing more then their most basic rights. They were met with bullets and tanks. And for months now the international community has appealed to the Syrian regime to respect human rights and stop violence and none of these calls have been heeded.

So today the Security council had a chance to respond to the challenge. Unfortunately because of two vetoes the Security Council did not live up to its responsibilities under the charter. We deplore this and we will continuously work to support the Syrian people, inside and outside the Council. We have spared no efforts in building bridges, in finding compromises and getting all members of the Council on board. All the Europeans worked very hard on this.

 It was not meant to be, but the message to the Syrians and to many of the Arab peace loving people is: we will not stand idly by while atrocities are being committed and we will continue to work inside and outside the Security Council for further measures if need be."


"Wir sind sehr enttäuscht über das Doppel-Veto heute im Sicherheitsrat. Wir haben Tage und Wochen hart für einen Kompromiss gearbeitet. Eine starke Reaktion, ein klares Signal des Sicherheitsrates ist überfällig und wir werden weiter innerhalb und außerhalb des Sicherheitsrates für ein solches Signal arbeiten und das kann auch weitere Sanktionen einschließen."

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