Statement by Ambassador Wittig on the Annual Report of the Security Council

Oct 27, 2011

(as delivered)

Madam President,

as President of the Security Council for the month of July 2011, as you said yourself, Germany was responsible for the preparation of the introduction of the Annual Report of the Security Council to the General Assembly. This report contains a comprehensive account of all meetings and activities of the Council, as well as of the wide range of thematic areas covered during the reporting period. It is our hope that the report also reflects the fact that the Council exercised its mandate with diligence and responsibility in the face of the many challenging issues it had before it during the reporting period.

During the drafting process, we relied principally on the monthly assessments and the views expressed by all Council members. To ensure that it was accurate and adequately reflected the Council’s work, activities and outcomes, the report was revised several times following comments and proposals made by Council members. Throughout this process, States that were members of the Security Council during the reporting period had the opportunity to review and reach agreement on the draft report prior to this meeting. I would therefore like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all present and former Council members for their cooperation and input, as well as for the cordial and cooperative atmosphere prevailing throughout the drafting phase.

Madam Pesident,

in preparing for the compilation of this report, we built on the good practice established by Vietnam in 2008, Uganda in 2009, and by yourself, Madam Preseident, in 2010, of holding an informal meeting with the wider UN Membership with a view to exchanging views on the upcoming report. This meeting, which was held on 29 June and co-chaired by Nigeria, Portugal and Germany, was extremely useful both for the input received and for fostering the working relationship between the Council and the General Assembly. We therefore join our predecessors in expressing our hope for the continuation of this practice in the future.

Non-Council members increasingly express a keen interest in being informed in a substantial manner about the work of the Security Council. We should all work to satisfy this legitimate interest, in order to enhance transparency and accessability of the Council and its work.

Finally, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the Secretariat for its invaluable support and assistance in compiling this report.

Thank you.

© GermanyUN

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