Arms Trade Treaty: Statement by Ambassador Ranau

Jul 24, 2012

(Statement as delivered by Ambassador Jörg Ranau, Head of the German Delegation, at the Plenary discussion of the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty)

Mr. President,

During the long hours we spent together over the week-end and yesterday we had ample opportunity to exchange views on all relevant aspects of an ATT. This exchange of views was sometimes cumbersome but helpful in moving us towards compromise and a spirit of flexibility that must prevail in the coming hours and days.

My delegation remains confident that we will be able to agree on a strong and robust Arms Trade Treaty at the end of this week, we are certainly willing to contribute our share to that goal. The paper that you presented us this morning is indeed a very good basis to work on during the little time that we have left.

We will remain focused on the core issues of this Treaty to increase the consistency and intrinsic value of your paper:

- on scope: we strongly support the idea to introduce the notion of a treaty truly covering “all conventional arms”; in particular, we very much support that munitions – that in our understanding include the subset of ammunition - need to be included in the core set of items regulated under the specific provisions of an ATT. The best way to do this would be by including them under your Article 2.A.1 in the Scope section.

- on criteria: we believe that the structure you propose is adequate, however the drafting of the language needs to be improved especially in Article 4. Moreover, still not all the criteria we would like to see in an ATT are reflected properly.

We will be happy to work with you on these and some other points in order to walk together with you and our friends in the room the last mile towards a strong and robust Arms Trade Treaty.

Mr. President, we fully support you in your efforts

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