General Assembly: Statement by Director General Elbling at the High Level Meeting on "Sustainable Energy for All"

Sep 24, 2012

(General Assembly: Statement by Director General Elbling at the High Level Meeting on "Sustainable Energy for All")

Mr. Secretary General, Your Majesty, Mr. President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great privilege to be here with you on behalf of Foreign Minister Westerwelle at this High Level Meeting on Sustainable Energy for All.

The world is facing great challenges in the field of energy:

How can the energy demand of nine billion people in 2050 be securely and sustainably satisfied?

How can the energy supply be affordable while the cost of fossil fuel rises ?

How can the future energy supply structure ensure sustainable growth while mitigating the pressure on our climate?

How can we increase international co-operation to prevent conflicts over increasingly scarce energy sources?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Industrialized countries have to show that it is possible to transform our energy systems.

In Germany, we have embarked on the transformation of our energy system.

Our so-called „Energiewende“, the energy transformation, is built on two pillars: A significant increase in energy efficiency and a cost effective and even more rapid expansion of renewable energy.

With our new energy concept, we have set out a clear roadmap and concrete measures up to the year 2050 aiming at increasing the share of renewables in gross electricity consumption from the current level of already 25% to at least 35% by 2020, and even up to 80% by 2050. Actually, renewables are coming online faster than expected ! A strong partnership between government, civil society and business is possible !

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Germany has always advocated for building a framework for international co-operation in the field of renewable energy that allows us to mutually benefit from our respective strengths and experiences. Therefore, Germany was one of the driving forces behind the founding of IRENA and fully supports a leading role of IRENA within the Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

Renewable energies are closely related to climate protection which is a matter of high political priority in Germany. It is against this background that we have submitted a very attractive offer to host the Green Climate Fund in Bonn.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Germany fully supports the Sustainable Energy for All initiative and welcomes the strong personal commitment by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in this matter. We will within the context of our development cooperation support the initiative financially and with seconded personnel. We salute the decisions announced today by you, Mr. Secretary General, on the future path and structure of the initiative. The initiative is in the best hands.

Improving the access to and enhancing the use of sustainable energy has been an imperative of German development cooperation and climate policy for a long time. Germany intends to provide an additional 100 million people with sustainable access to energy (electricity and clean cooking energy) until 2030 by doubling the renewable energy and energy efficiency related ODA (Official Development Assistance) by 2030.

Thank you very much!

© GermanyUN

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