Security Council: Statement by Ambassador Wittig on the situation in Haiti

Oct 3, 2012

(Security Council: Statement as delivered by Ambassador Wittig in a Security Council meeting on Haiti)

"Señor Presidente,

Quisiera felicitarle a Ustedes y su país por asumir la presidencia del Consejo de Seguridad por la primera vez et agradecerle por haber organizado este debate importante.

Les deseo a Ustedes, al Embajador y amigo Gert Rosenthal y todo su equipo mucho excito por el mes qui viene.

No hace falta subrayar que su país puede contar con el pleno apoyo de Alemania.

I would like to join others in thanking SRSG Fernández for his briefing.

I would like to focus my intervention on three main topics:

The current politcal situation, the security situation including the need to further strengthen the Haitian National Police, and the role and reconfiguration of MINUSTAH.

We welcome that there are clear indications that Haiti is moving towards a better future, albeit slowly. We have seen some important milestones, such as the swearing in of a new Government and the publication of the corrected version of the constitutional amendments that had been pending when the Security Council visited Haitiearlier this year. 

At the same time, we are concerned about the refusal by the Haitian Senate and Parliament to name their representatives to the Permanent Electoral Council, and about the recent withdrawal of the three members nominated by the ‘Conseil Superieur du pouvoir judiciaire’.  A functioning Electoral Council is indispensable for the elections mandated by Haiti’s Constitution.  All parties need to make a renewed and speedy effort for a credible Permanent Electoral Council, with all members on board.  Preparations for the elections must begin without further delay. 

We are encouraged by the progress reported on the security front, including government measures to contain elements of the former armed forces who had been illegally occupying sites throughout the country. 

Security and stability should increasingly be provided by an effective Haitian National Police.  We welcome President Martelly’s stated intention to focus on the continued strengthening of this institution so that it can provide security throughout the entire territory of Haiti.  We are encouraged by recent steps undertaken by the Government to increase the number of police recruits, in particular female ones.

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) should not be in charge of long-term reconstruction efforts. The Mission needs to continue to draw down its post earthquake surge in activities.  In this sense, I welcome the suggestions contained in the latest report on MINUSTAH’s reconfiguration and consolidation plan.

The Secretary-General’s proposal that MINUSTAH further concentrate its efforts on Haitian National Police mentoring and development, and gradually phase out operational policing activities, goes in the right direction.  A corresponding reduction of MINUSTAH troops, as proposed by the Secretary-General, seems feasible, but requires a further build-up of the Haitian police. This is why clear benchmarks will be required, as foreseen in MINUSTAH’s reconfiguration and consolidation plan.

Finally, we would once again like to thank the troop and police contributing countries for all their efforts. We will continue to give our full support to the Mission, and to the Government and people of Haiti.

Thank you."

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