Security Council: Explanation of Vote on AMISOM

Nov 7, 2012

(Security Council: Explanation of Vote on AMISOM as delivered by Ambassador Berger)

Mr President,

Germany voted in favour of Resolution 2073. My country continues to strongly support the Mission of the African Union in Somalia. AMISOM carries out its task under very difficult circumstances; it has been instrumental for the progress that we have seen recently on the ground, and the mission will be indispensable for many months to come.

We commend the efforts of the United Kingdom that guided the Council through very dynamic negotiations in good faith and aiming at consensus amongst Council members. We deplore that it was impossible to achieve this consensus on the first proposed draft which contained many positive and necessary elements.

During negotiations, my delegation supported a provision that clearly addressed the need for sustainable funding for AMISOM as requested by the AU in its latest report on AMISOM. We believe that, politically, AMISOM is a joint undertaking between the AU and the UN and that the Council shares the responsibility to secure the sustainability of the Mission. The success of AMISOM is in our common interest and the Council should not limit itself to calling for new donors when it comes to the funding of the Mission. We think an informed and thorough discussion of the issue, in close cooperation with the African Union, is overdue.

Further, we would have liked the Council to repeat and to stress its request with regard to a Guard Force to be provided by AMISOM for UN and other international personnel. Such protection is key in order to enable UN and others to engage with the Somalis in Mogadishu and elsewhere in the country. UN assistance to the Somali authorities and direct interaction with them on the ground is crucial in order to stabilize the country and to create a peace dividend for the Somali population.

We hope that it will be possible to include these elements in the next resolution on AMISOM which will be adopted against the background of the UN and AU assessments of AMISOM and the future UN role in the country.

Thank you!

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