Dept of Political Affairs: Ambassador Wittig pledges Germany's support

Nov 30, 2012

(Germany's pledge in support of the UN Department of Political Affairs as delivered by Ambassador Wittig at the Annual Donor Meeting)

"Dear colleagues,

Preventing conflicts by early political diplomacy and mediation is of one of Germany’s  national policy priorities. In many circumstances the United Nations remain the only fully recognised “neutral” platform for preventive and also post conflict measures. We welcome the tireless efforts of the Department of Political Affairs in trying to defuse political confrontations in many places around the globe before these turn into “hot” conflicts. We are clearly committed to strenghten DPA’s capacity to further promote and take actions aimed at the prevention of crises.

This is why Germany so fervently supports the work of DPA and is in fact one of the biggest contributors to the DPA’s Multi Year Appeals – and this from the very beginning. Since 2008 Germany has contributed nearly 9 Mio USD to the wide range of DPA’s efforts. I am pleased to announce to you today that we will continue our strong support of DPA’s work in 2013 by contributing a further 4 Mio USD.

2 Mio USD – out of the 4 – are dedicated to DPA’s activities in the Middle East and North-Africa, with a special focus on Syria. Just today, the Joint Special Representative for Syria, Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, reminded the General Assembly of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Syria. He told us that only a credible process of political transition, backed by the Security Council, can put an end to the regime’s aggression and the deadly fighting. Mr Brahimi and his team face a daunting task in bringing both sides to engage in such a process. But they are the only ones who can do it, once the external conditions allow it. Their presence on the ground is crucial. We especially welcome the inclusion of personnel with Human Rights expertise in Mr Brahimi’s Mission. Mr Brahimi and his team deserve all the support they can get – and I am pleased that Germany is in a position to substantially increase its share of contribution.

The other 2 Mio USD are earmarked for activities in Africa, here with a special focus on the crisis in the Sahel and in Mali. The latest report by the Secretary-General on Mali clearly shows that we have to continue to work towards a political solution: the Secretary-General emphasizes the need to initiate a broad-based and inclusive political dialogue, facilitated through direct involvement of the United Nations. Our aim is to contribute to these efforts in a way that helps to restore the constitutional order and the territorial integrity of Mali. This is what we should clearly focus on.

I thank you."

© GermanyUN

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