Security Council: Statement by Ambassador Wittig on UN Peacekeeping

Jan 21, 2013

(Security Council: Statement as delivered by Ambassador Wittig in an Open Debate on UN Peacekeeping)

"Mr. President,

We welcome Pakistan's initiative for an Open Debate on UN peacekeeping and its multidimensional nature. International peace and security lie at the heart of the United Nations, and UN Peacekeeping surely is the most visible instrument of the United Nations in this regard. It thus deserves our constant attention.

At the outset, I would like to reiterate Germany’s longstanding support for UN Peacekeeping. It is our goal to strengthen the UN system and the missions on the ground. It is in this spirit that we call for a fresh look on how to overcome current gaps and deficiencies. Close cohesion between mandates and required capacities is crucial for the success of peacekeeping missions. At the same time we believe that an increased use of modern equipment and technologies is necessary to improve the operational effectiveness of peacekeeping operations.

Mr. President,

My country aligns itself with the statement by the European Union.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an initiative Germany has, together with a number of partners, developed during the last years. If implemented, this initiative could make a substantial contribution towards a truly multidimensional UN Peacekeeping. I am talking about the creation of a “Group of Friends for UN Police”.

Sustainable peace can only be achieved through justice and security and by the re-establishment of the rule of law. The police segment of UN Peacekeeping has proven crucial in assisting host countries in developing critical peacebuilding priorities and strategies. It is also key in national programmes of security sector reform and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration.

The UN Police is mastering its wide-ranging and complex tasks with commitment and professionalism. It needs our support and appreciation.

Our initiative to establish a Group of Friends aims at fostering political support for the UN Police. We want to strengthen the capacity and the impact of UN Police. The Group should include all main stakeholders involved in UN police missions and facilitate the informal exchange of ideas. It shall create a sense of common purpose and be a place to launch concrete initiatives. It shall provide a bridge between UN Headquarters in New York and capitals.

The idea of creating a Group of Friends of UN Police was introduced at the October 2012 UN Police Conference in Berlin and has since evolved further. Such a group would be complementary to the existing Strategic Police Advisory Group in order to advance sustained political engagement in support of UN Police.

We would expect the Group of Friends to consist of dedicated Member States who are actively engaged and interested in developing UN police peacekeeping as well as partners from the UN Secretariat. Other key partners and supporters could be invited to join. The constitutive meeting of the Group of Friends is planned for spring this year.

Mr. President,

Together, we can further strengthen the role of UN Peacekeeping, its capacities and its impact on the ground. This is a joint endeavour and the support of all Member states is key.

I thank you."

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