Statement by Ambassador Berger on the Enterprise Resource Planing Project UMOJA

Mar 25, 2013

Statement as delivered by Ambassador Berger at the event to unveil the UMOJA countdown clock on the occasion of "100 days to UMOJA"

"Secretary General, USG Takasu, dear colleagues,

In July 2006, the General Assembly in its Resolution 60/283 endorsed the Secretary Generals proposal for the Enterprise Resource Planning project UMOJA. The decision to implement this project, across the United Nations, was in recognition of the necessity to keep pace with technological advancements.

As we know the different departments and offices in the UN have developed over the years multiple information and communications technology systems, which serve their purpose, but often cannot interact, are costly to maintain, and donot allow to provide crucial data and the information management and member states need.

As the SG pointed out in his reports, the aim of UMOJA is to simplify, throughout the UN, a wide range of administrative practices and to provide the organisation with updated and accurate data that will enable better informed decision making and enhanced mandate and service delivery.

Ladies and gentleman,

during the last years we have witnessed serious delays and weaknesses in the project implementation. But decisions have been taken to address the shortcomings. With USG Takasu as Chairman of the Steering Committee and ASG Baca as the Project Director, UMOJA is now back on track.

Today we are only 100 days away from the start of the pilot phase on 1 July 2013 in UNIFIL and UNSCOL, the Office of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon. Expectations are highthat the implementation will move forward.

Ladies and gentleman,

UMOJA is, in the view of member states, the most important reform project currently implemented by the United Nations. It will require over the coming years the leadership of the Secretary General and the full support of senior management.

We should not under estimate the enormous challenges the project implementation faces, we know that there are still numerous hurdles to overcome before we will see in the coming years the full benefit of UMOJA.

Leaving behind silo approaches, UMOJA will strengthen the capacity of the United Nations to deliver on mandates. It will allow senior managers and member states to take well-informed decisions, to monitor and manage resources more effectively, at the same time strengthening transparency and oversight, as well as achieving a more cost effective way of doing business.

Ladies and gentleman,

from 2008 till 2015 member states will invest more than 348 million USD in UMOJA. There is confidence, but there are also high expectations.

Long-term commitment by member states and secretariat are imperative for a successful and timely implementation and the realisation of the benefits of the new system for a strengthened United Nations. The objective is to create a truly global Secretariat- the Secretariat we need in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow."

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