General Assembly/2C: Statement by Germany on Sustainable Development

Nov 5, 2013

(Statement as delivered by Counsellor Jan Kantorczyk at the Second Committee's Debate on Sustainable Development:)

"Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Germany fully aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union. In addition, I would like to add the following points in my national capacity:

Our world continues to face numerous interrelated global challenges. We must meet them by working on the eradication of poverty and the achievement of sustainable development in all its three dimensions: economic, environmental and social. A global political commitment and a true co-operation between all stakeholders are indispensable prerequisites in order to achieve this goal.

Germany remains committed to work with its partners towards a post-2015 development agenda which has poverty eradication and sustainable development at its core. An agenda that aims at satisfying the fundamental needs of all people. An agenda that is composed of one set of coherent and consistent goals. We welcome the fact that we have finally developed important elements for a road map to achieve
one single, universal framework and one set of goals by the end of 2015. This is a complex task and there are many issues to which we will need to devote appropriate consideration

One key aspect is that all stakeholders must be able to participate in the development of our new development agenda. During the 67th session of the General Assembly we have made much progress on this aspect. National thematic consultations have taken place all over the world. The High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda has presented its landmark report
as did the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The recent first meeting of the new High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development has provided a further impulse by demonstrating strong involvement at the highest political level for our future development agenda. Germany expects that, in particular the meetings of the Forum held under the umbrella of the General Assembly at the level of Heads of State and Government will contribute to mainstreaming sustainable development into all policy areas by providing political leadership and guidance. We have full reason to believe that sustainability will be truly embedded in policies both in the North and in the South and that the three dimensions of sustainable development will be addressed in a balanced manner.

In a few weeks both the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals and the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing will reconvene. Germany expects these processes to deliver substantial input for our negotiations on the new post-2015 development agenda.

Germany welcomes the fact that another outcome of the Rio+20 Conference has been successfully implemented last year with the Governing Council of UNEP deciding on its universal membership. We are looking forward to the first meeting of the new United Nations Environment Assembly next summer. In all these processes Germany has been actively involved and it will remain a committed, reliable partner.

Mr. Chairman,

as we are all in the final preparations for the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, we have to look ahead to the decisive year 2015. In Paris we must succeed in agreeing on a new global climate agreement which is legally binding and applicable to all. This is our common responsibility. Germany remains committed to support the UNFCCC process as well as complementary initiatives, such as promoting the transition to low-carbon economies. We will continue with the Energy Transition (Energiewende) in Germany.

We welcome the holding of the 3rd UN conference on Small Island Developing States next year and hope for a concrete, action-oriented outcome addressing the needs of the SIDS in an effective manner.

Germany also continues to work on a follow up of the Hyogo Framework for Action with the aim of strengthening disaster risk reduction.

Mr. Chairman, 

let me conclude by highlighting another issue of growing significance. The recent dramatic increase of poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking represents a serious threat to sustainable development, biodiversity and for peace and security, especially in Africa. Germany is of the opinion that these phenomena should be of concern to the whole international community and therefore be adequately addressed here at the United Nations.

Finally, Mr. Chairman, let me reassure you that the deliberations of the Second Committee under the agenda item Sustainable Development are of high importance to Germany, and that my country remains fully committed to contribute constructively towards the successful work of this Committee.

I thank you!"

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