General Assembly: Statement by Ambassador Braun at the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council reform

Apr 11, 2014

Mr. Chairman,

I align myself with the statement delivered by Ambassador Yoshikawa of Japan on behalf of the G4 countries.

The overview contained in the PGA’s non-paper on today’s subject of discussion is instructive: There is a clear preference among member states for a Council membership in the mid-twenties.

Such an increased membership, chosen in line with Article 23 of the UN Charter, would make the Council more representative of today’s world and thus enhance its effectiveness.

Surely, an enlarged Council will need to adapt in order to maintain its efficiency - its ability to respond to crisis and to take decisions in a timely fashion.

And this is why the reform of the Council’s procedures and working methods is of crucial importance.

Germany has long been advocating – both individually and as part of the G4 – for an improvement of the Council’s working methods.

These must include inter alia the transparency of the Council, its interaction with non-members - especially those contributing to peacekeeping missions -, the General Assembly, regional organizations, as well as with members of civil society.

We see this as part of an overall structural reform to make the Council fit for the 21st Century and beyond. It is simply not enough to administer more band-aids. Surgery is required.

The PGA’s non-paper includes many useful proposals, reflecting also the pioneering work of the S5 group whose legacy is upheld by the Accountability, Coherence, and Transparency group.

Other issues deserve attention, such as the question of the penholdership of issues on the Council’s agenda, the use of wrap-up sessions and horizon-scanning meetings.

Mr. Chairman,

These are all valid proposals and we are confident that agreement can be achieved as part of a comprehensive reform.

This is why we must finally start real negotiations, based on a practicable negotiation text. The non-paper and the assessment that we requested you to provide by the end of this round, should help us in this endeavor.

Thank you.

© GermanyUN

General Assembly: Statement by Ambassador Braun at the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council reform

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