Security Council: Statement by Ambassador Thoms on the situation in Ukraine after Adoption of Resolution 2166

Jul 21, 2014

(as delivered:)

"Thank you, Mr President,

Let me first of all express my sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathies to Foreign Minister Timmermans and the people of the Netherlands, to Foreign Minister Bishop and the people of Australia, as well as to all others who had nationals, relatives, family or friends on flight MH17.

298 lives have been tragically lost. We are mourning the loss of four of our citizens. My government is profoundly grateful for the condolences offered by so many Delegations in the course of the past days.

Mr. President,

Germany is shocked over mounting evidence that the airliner was, indeed, shot down. This would be an outrageous crime.

What is happening currently at the crash site is unacceptable and shameful. The world is horrified to witness the abominable circumstances prevailing there.

We call on all actors to ensure that

- unhindered access and security for OSCE monitors and international experts are guaranteed,

- that there are no further impediments to the recovery of the bodies of victims and their transport to Charkiv as proposed by the Netherlands,

- that any further tampering with possible evidence is ruled out,

- and that an international investigation is instituted as soon as possible leading to a full and thorough examination. We welcome the efforts undertaken by the Government of Ukraine to this effect so far.

We also applaud President Poroshenko’s announcement today of a unilateral cease-fire around the crash site – a step that must be reciprocated immediately by the separatists.

Mr. President,

The downing of MH17 has added a global dimension of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

It renders a peaceful and negotiated resolution of the crisis even more urgent. The conflict in Eastern Ukraine must be brought to an end. We urgently need a bilateral cease-fire and the beginning of real negotiations. Germany has constantly worked to further such a peaceful solution, as demonstrated by innumerable talks and meetings between Chancellor Merkel, Foreign Minister Steinmeier and other senior leaders.

Unfortunately, the Russian leadership has so far failed to discourage the separatists from their illegal acts and to stop the infiltration of weapons, fighters and ammunition.

We expect Russia to finally bring its influence to bear on the separatists, to prevent Russian citizens from joining them and to immediately take all necessary measures to ensure an effective control of the Russian-Ukrainian border.

We also expect Russia to fully support the investigation concerning the causes of the crash, particularly through exerting the necessary pressure on the separatists to immediately stop destroying evidence and giving full and unfettered access to Ukrainian and international investigators.

Thank you, Mr President!"

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Security Council: Statement by Ambassador Thoms on the situation in Ukraine after Adoption of Resolution 2166

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