Statement by Ambassador Harald Braun on the Implementation of Resolution 2231

Jun 29, 2017

Mr President,


Germany would like to thank the Secretary General for his third report on the implementation of Resolution 2231.

Let me just briefly make three points:

One. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) endorsed by Security Council Resolution 2231 is an outstanding success of diplomacy in an extremely volatile region. It is a thoughtful agreement building on and strengthening the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

One and a half years after the beginning of the implementation of the JCPoA, there is no doubt: The deal is working. All participants are keeping their commitments. This is an important contribution to the security and stability in the region.

All participants to the agreement need to continue to adhere to the JCPoA for its full duration in order to ensure that the JCPoA fulfills its long-term objectives.  What matters most, is continued strict implementation of the JCPoA in all its aspects by all participants.

Two. The IAEA has to date verified in six reports that Iran is abiding by its nuclear-related commitments. Going ahead, verification and monitoring by the IAEA will remain essential to re-establish trust and confidence and to reassure the world that Iran’s nuclear programme serves exclusively peaceful purposes.

The easing of sanctions resulted in economic consolidation and GDP growth in Iran. The full and comprehensive implementation of the JCPoA provides the basis for this to continue. Germany remains committed to the goal of fully re-establishing economic ties with Iran to the benefit of all parties concerned.

Three. Equally important for the building of mutual trust and confidence is the full implementation of SC resolution 2231. Germany remains particularly concerned by Iran's missile programme. While the ballistic missile test conducted by Iran in January 2017 was not a violation of the JCPoA, we regard such tests as being inconsistent with resolution 2231. We call upon Iran to refrain from activities which may exacerbate tensions and deepen mistrust. We urge Iran to play a constructive role in the region and to contribute to lasting political solutions.  

Mr President,

The Vienna Agreement and SC Resolution 2231 are a victory for the principles of the United Nations. The JCPoA negotiation shows the power of persistent multilateral diplomacy to address major international challenges. Germany is proud to be a participant to the JCPoA and remains firmly committed to its continued and full implementation.

Thank you, Mr President.

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