Global challenges can only be solved globally, that is, together. Protecting the climate,
and nature in all its diversity, is one of these global challenges. The United Nations has
consolidated its resources to help it face that challenge in Bonn. 18 United Nations
organisations make the city a hub of international politics for climate protection and
sustainable development.
O-Ton Richard Dictus - Executive Coordinator UNV and the UN’s senior administrative
official in Germany
"We at the UN like to say that what we have here creates the opportunity for partnerships,
for cooperation, that's unique in the world. Nowhere is there a combination of technical
and political will...... like this, like we have here in Bonn."
The expansion of this UN base in Bonn has been energetically pursued since 1996. And
the Federal Foreign Office has its own unit in Bonn dedicated to the UN Organisations in
O-Ton Martin Frick – Ambassador
"We're the first point of contact, the interface of Germany to the United Nations in Bonn.
From Bonn the United Nations deal with many issues that the German government is
strongly interested in. In particular, questions of climate, sustainability, desertification and
sustainable development."
The UN in Bonn has its own campus, that is, all the organisations are housed in one area.
Proximity makes their work much more efficient. At the same time, the whole place is
growing as the issues they're addressing here gain in importance.
O-Ton Martin Frick – Ambassador
"In Bonn, apart from 1000 UN employees, there are almost 4000 people working in the
field of climate, sustainability and renewable energies. We have technical ministries here,
we have scientific institutes. The University of Bonn has a strong reputation in geography
and cutting edge academia related to it. There are numerous institutes. And all this creates
a cluster of excellence that you won't find anywhere else."
This kind of location is more than just a place to work. People come to Bonn from all over
the world, to work here, but also to live here. Every day, the former Ambassador and
Adviser to the City of Bonn Harald Ganns meets people who have consciously chosen
O-Ton Harald Ganns – Former Ambassador and Adviser to the City of Bonn
"The people who really came here, now feel so good about being here, that I'm not at all
worried about the future of this place as a UN site, indeed, I'm convinced that Bonn will
become kind of trendy with a bit of time."
Thanks to its past as Germany's capital, Bonn is international by nature, and its welcoming
attitude is also augmented by the traditions of the Rhineland. Bonn's governing mayor
says that carries over to the administrative level.
O-Ton Jürgen Nimptsch – Governing Mayor of Bonn
"That starts with the children of UN employees, for whom we've created a Kindergarten
and a Bonn International School. And the town's public schools have also adopted
international high school qualifications, and will continue to do so. And in terms of our
welcoming culture, there are also a range of offers available on the platform bonninternational.
org. They also make it possible for example, for spouses to gain access to
the jobs market."
The UN profits from having a base in Bonn, and Germany profits from hosting the UN.
That presents major opportunites as Germany's energy revolution gets underway.
O-Ton Martin Frick – Ambassador
"My understanding of the work of the Federal Foreign Office is not only to communicate
Germany’s policy abroad, it's also our task to bring international experience to Germany.
There are other countries we can learn from. How to make our energy net one hundred
percent renewable. Nobody has managed that yet. But there are good attempts being
made and this process of communication is a two-way street."
O-Ton Richard Dictus -Executive Coordinator UNV and the UN’s senior administrative
official in Germany
"We really hope that this continues, because the world needs this. The world needs this
type of cooperation."
History has often been written in Bonn. At the UN site in Bonn, they're now helping to
shape the world of tomorrow.